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Max Gemma’s, rapid personal development is rooted in his diverse education and work background. With experience in film studies, talent management, and finance, Gemma offers a deep, multifaceted understanding of multiple industries. He challenges himself to never stop learning while remaining committed to his passions, and prides himself on his lifelong, strong work ethic, always going the extra mile. .

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Max Gemma Academic Life

Max Gemma, 31, from Oceanport, New Jersey, attended Arizona State University (ASU) where he studied film jointly at the Herberger Institute School of Film, Dance and Theatre and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. While attending, he deeply engaged with the core film courses as well as concentration-specific courses offered by each institute. Gemma attributes his creative-entrepreneurial balance to his time at ASU, and his completion of their celebrated film degree program, ranked 24th in the nation.


Current Studies


After spending some time acquiring quality work experience and building his connections, Gemma decided to further his education at St. Peter’s University, where he intends to graduate this year with a Masters degree in finance. There, he follows in the footsteps of notable alumni Thomas P. Mac Mahon, President & CEO, LabCorp, Anthony P. Terracciano, Chairman of Sallie Mae, and Joseph R. Gromek, President & CEO of The Warnaco Group and former President & CEO of Brooks Brothers; and in doing so, hopes to identify a passion he can develop into a career. He is currently considering following his father’s example with a career in real estate development.

Work Experience

After graduating in 2010 from Arizona State University and the Herberger Institute School of Film, Dance, and Theatre, Gemma used his world-class education to seek out opportunities in film and television, eventually securing employment at a talent agency. There, Gemma developed a hard-earned reputation for his ongoing professionalism, dedication and – most importantly – his gift for discovering and nurturing quality talent. Gemma enjoyed working to ensure his talent received personalized attention and professional service, and helped to build foundations for lifelong, successful careers.


Max is committed to giving back to his community

Always Learning

Max is an Arizona State graduate and continues his studies at St. Peter's University Masters in Finance


Max is passionate about Theatre and Sports, as well as national incarceration issues.

Work Ethic

Max prides himself on a strong work ethic and always going the extra mile in his studies and work experience.

Giving Back to the Community

Getting Out and Staying Out


Gemma takes pride in his involvement with various philanthropic organizations, including Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO), a non-profit that focuses on empowering young men to avoid involvement in the criminal justice system by reshaping their futures. Gemma is passionate about reducing recidivism through education, job training and direct employment. He supports GOSO because they have established themselves as one of the most effective reentry programs in the NYC area for 16 to 24 year-old men at Rikers Island, where he was imprisoned. Gemma is proud of the work he’s done to help ensure that fewer than 15% of GOSO participants return to jail, as compared to a national average of 67% for their age group.

Centers for Justice


At the Centers for Justice at Columbia University, Gemma helps work to reduce U.S. reliance on incarceration by advancing alternative approaches to safety and justice through education, research and policy. Gemma is passionate about transforming the criminal justice system from one that is driven by punishment and retribution to one that is centered on prevention and healing. He is also actively working with leaders in the Jersey City area to work on reform programs.

Animal Farm Foundation


Gemma is also involved in the Animal Farm Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to securing equal treatment and opportunity for pit bull dogs and their owners. He believes it is important to focus on lobbying for dogs who are labeled “pit bulls” because they are the dogs most likely to be discriminated against. Gemma is committed to helping “pit bull dogs” and their owners fight discrimination from municipal legislators who ban or restricts ownership of them and by animal shelters with discriminatory adoption policies.

Sports and Hobbies

An avid sports fan, Gemma’s favorite pastimes include following the New York Giants, Yankees, and Knicks as well as the New Jersey Devils. He fondly remembers his time as a student at Arizona State University, when the Giants won their third superbowl. He personally participates snowboarding, and has done so for as long as he can remember. 

Gemma describes sports as his personal stress relief, and hopes to enjoy snowboarding around the world. If given a second chance, Gemma dreams of visiting Europe where he would love the opportunity to snowboard and enjoy the natural beauty.


  • Justice Reform
    • Max is actively interested in criminal justice reform and reentry programs.
  • Gaming / E-Sports
    • In his free time, Gemma enjoys gaming with friends, and is especially fond of eSports and the eSports community.
  • NY Giants and Yankees
    • Max is a life long Giants and Yankees fan.
  • Snowboarding
    • Gemma loves spending time in the mountains with his family and friends.
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